Monday, July 17, 2006


Things you need to know about this blog:

1. The title, and our names, come from the generation defining 'Big Lebwoski', if you haven't seen it, much of the brilliance of what follows will probably be lost on you.

2. We have no idea what the end goal of this blog is, aside from providing a public venue for hopefully entertaining discussion.

3. We like baseball...a lot. Hopefull most of the good content on here will be about baseball. We also happen to be vociferous Red Sox fans from Boston, so expect a good dose of Boston bias in everything sports related.

4. I read a lot of politics stuff, mostly because the people who write poltical stuff on the web update it all the time.

5. Walter is in law school, and I, Donny, am a graduate student in economics. Which means I am better at numbers than you. Unless you are studying or have studied physics, maths or are yourself a graduate student in economics, in which case I am decidely worse with numbers than you are.

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